Headline- Galapagos- Green- Women’s- T-Shirt

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Are you ready to get wild? Yeeeee haaaw, y'all! Welcome to the Galapagos! You want wild? We got wild! We got some of the rootinest, tootinest giant tortoises this side of the equator! They may look docile, but don't be fooled. You strap yourself to one of these bulls, you best hold on to your ass or it'll come flyin' straight off! Ol' Chucky Darwin himself can attest to that. But that ain't all. You just try your luck ropin' one of these here marine iguanas. You best have on your scuba gear on cuz they'll take you right into the ocean. A full thirty foot down, they will. Only modern lizard you'll find foragin' in the sea, yessir! Got youngins? Don't worry, we didn't forget them neither! Have your little one compete by ridin' one of our sea lions. These pups is some social critters alright. Smaller than their Californian relatives but no less adorable, no sir. Whatchu waitin' for? Bring the whole family!

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