about deck it out

Deck it Out is a dedicated area within BOARDLife that allows customers to build a custom complete longboard or redesign their old deck. BOARDLife staff members have found that equipping customers with the knowledge and education of how a board is constructed aids in their ability to fine tune their ride and understand the relationships between the components while also providing a fun, hands-on activity. Two of the most unique steps of Deck it Out are custom laser etching and custom gripping. An onsite laser engraver can etch and burn names, messages, pictures, designs and logos into the longboard deck. The customer can also choose custom laser-cut grip tape or design their own grip; there are 10 different colors of grip tape to choose from, or one can opt for grip stickers that come in multiple shapes, sizes and colors. There are over 650,000 deck, wheel, truck, bearing and riser combinations. A fully personalized and customized longboard starts at just $149.00 and can be completed in about an hour and a half.

The picking process allows the customer to pick their desired board shape, as many as 8 to choose from, and all their board components. The board shapes and styles change regularly to keep your choices fresh and exciting. Once the board is chosen the customer picks wheels, bearings, trucks, hardware, risers and grip tape. There are many base choices of equipment and if the rider is looking for a more specific type of ride there are plenty of upgrade options.

Once all the components have been chosen, it is time to build. One of our knowledgeable staff members will put a small electric driver in your hand to put you in control of the build. During the build process, BOARDLife staff will assist and educate you about the build process and the importance of maintenance and safety.

Time to customize and personalize that board to you and your style. A unique feature to Deck it Out is the ability to laser etch a message, picture, name, design, slogan or logo into the longboard deck. The customer can even bring a custom design into the shop and the staff will transfer the design to the deck. Another way to customize and personalize your board is with custom grip tape. There are 10 different grip tape colors that can be laser cut with a name, design, picture, slogan, logo or message. The customer can also choose the grip sticker option that allows the customer to place multiple grip stickers on the deck.

Join the wall of fame after your epic build. Now that your custom longboard is complete, we would be honored to place a photo of you and your board on our shop wall. Now you have become part of the fabric which makes the BOARDLife family special. Welcome!