1 Deck It Out
1.1 What is Deck it Out?
Deck it Out is BOARDLife’s process where you get to build your own board. Pick all the parts and pieces you want. Choose the deck, trucks, wheels, risers, bearings and grip tape! Don’t know what all those parts are? No worries, we will teach you everything you need to know. Now, if you choose upgrade, you can etch a personalized image or your name on to your new deck. After picking all your parts and etching your deck we will help you build your board and teach you how to tune it to your size, riding ability and preference. Next you get to personalize your grip tape with our help and the use of our Grip Stickers. Finally, get out there and ride it! Have fun!
2 Gift Cards
2.1 Can I purchase a BOARDLife Gift Card from the website?

Unfortunately at this time our website does not allow for gift cards to be purchased online.  If you would like to purchase a gift card to be sent to you or a lucky friend of yours please call us at 1-800-975-8112.

2.2 I have a BOARDLife Gift Card can I use it online to make a purchase?

Of course!  To pay with a gift card online we must verify some information over the phone and one of our customer service employees mush finish your order in our system.  

Just add all the items you would like to purchase with your gift card to your wishlist and call or email us to let us know you are ready to purchase those items.  We will convert your wishlist into an order, verify the information on your gift card and ship everything out as soon as possible.

3 BOARDLife- Austin Closing
3.1 What happened? BOARDLife- Austin is closing?

We have some big changes at BOARDLife we would like to tell you about. It is with a heavy heart that we are unfortunately announcing that our Austin store is closing immediately. We have loved our time in Austin. The community has been so amazing and welcomed us with open arms, we will miss it tremendously. Thank you Austin! We would also like to thank our passionate and dedicated staff that worked so hard and tirelessly to make BOARDLife- Austin an exciting retail experience.


We would also like to introduce BOARDLife factory, our new in store board manufacturing facility opening in our new Denver location this January.   The new location will have a new and improved retail space with more square footage, a more exciting Deck It Out experience and best of all more parking.   In addition, our retail guests will be treated to BOARDLife factory! BOARDLife factory is a complete custom deck manufacturing facility located in the store and most of the process is visible as you shop. Come visit us in Denver this January to see the future of BOARDLife!

3.2 Is BOARDLife still in business in Denver?

BOARDLife is still in business in Denver. We are only closing our Austin branch.

3.3 I purchased a gift card in Austin can I use it online or in Denver?

Definitely we would love to help you make a purchase with your gift card. Please refer to the directions, 2.2 I have a BOARDLife Gift Card can I use it online to make a purchase?, above. If you still have any questions please call us at 1-800-975-8112 or email us at info@boardlifeusa.com.

3.4 I have a product I would like to return. Can I still do that?

Yes. Returns will be handled according to our normal terms and conditions. If you have a question regarding a return please contact us at info@boardlifeusa.com.

3.5 I would like to purchase a custom Deck It Out board or graphic. How do I do that online?

To best help with custom orders we ask that you contact us via email at info@boardlifeusa.com with your request. We will handle each inquiry as quickly and easily as possible. Please note that custom vinyl graphics will not be available until after January 29th. If you still have any questions please call us at 1-800-975-8112, extension 1.

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